PhD IO Winter 2020:

Below you will find the course materials for class. This site will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Class 12 , Final Exam , Final Exam Papers

Jerusalem 2018 Lectures:

Day 1 (Friday 29 June): Slides Here

Day 2 (Sunday 1 July): Slides Here

Older notes from previous years

Lectures on Auction Empirics with a Focus on Collusion
Provisional Syllabus and Outline
Intro to Antitrust (very preliminary)
Course Notes on Demand Estimation
Provisional Course Notes on Auctions (these will be updated next time I teach)
PhD Strategy (Economics), Spring 2010

[NB. The provision of these notes online is not an invitation to supervise graduate students at other institutions. My graduate students at UCLA deserve and demand all my avaliable advising time]